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I feel silly that I need to make this post but here it is.

Please reply “Yes” to the automated text reminder to confirm your appointment. There will be times where Nicole will not be able to check this to be sure everyone is doing so. That is why the automated text is in place. A groomer will not arrive to any appointments that are not confirmed correctly. Plain and simple no excuses. You receive an automated text that the appointment has been created, a reminder 5 days prior and 2 day prior to your grooming appointment. If you find yourself being a habitual offender, I will not be able to service you. Please read our terms and conditions. these are things you are agreeing to when creating a grooming appointment. If you don’t understand something there is a section on the website, where you can send a message. I will not be able to answer any questions that are posted on our website. So, if you find your question unanswered, you should probably look at the website to find your answer. This company is run by one person, whom is more than likely grooming during business hours and spending time with family on off time. Please be sure to use all resources given on the website!