Terms and Conditions

(Important Information) These are things you are agreeing to by creating a Grooming Appointment with Vroom Grooms LLC (our services may not appeal to everyone).

Scheduling & Fees (summary: Be prepared to pay either end of your dog’s price range, 2-hour overage fee, No holds)

🐾***Each dog is scheduled for 2 hours for groom time for the first groom and assessment. After the first groom our Groomer will have better judgment on how much time to give your dog for future appointments. Please let us know 48 hours in advance for any changes. If the groom takes a half hour over or more, there will be a $50 fee for each half hour over the 2 hours, or for each half hour over appointment timing following first groom. (For example, the first groom took 1.5hrs, so the second groom was scheduled for 1.5hrs but ended up taking 2hrs. You would be charged $50 for the half hour over your original grooming time.) If the groom takes under 1.5 hours, you will be charged on the lower end of what you were quoted. If the groom takes 1.5 hours – 2 hours, you will be charged on the higher end of what you were quoted. If your dog is difficult, fighting, or biting for the groom you will be charged on the higher end of what you were quoted. After hours are automatically charged $50 no matter how long after hours, unless approved by groomer. The groomer will charge for their time accordingly. Be available for contact during groom. Price is not negotiable.

🐾Automatic $20 fee added when dogs have an infestation of fleas/ticks.

🐾Extreme cases will automatically be charged $50 fee for overage, even if it does not take .5hrs over the two hours. Regular pricing will be applied to future groom within reasonable timing.

🐾NO HOLDS! Moving your grooming appointment 3 times or more will result with Vrooms Grooms LLC being unable to place you back on the schedule. We will not be able to service you.


🐾!!!Please be sure, for your dog’s safety and our Groomers safety, that your dog is up to date on vaccinations, proof of vaccinations required upon request!!!


🐾Our Groomer may ask for your assistance or may ask that you leave the grooming environment. This is not to offend anyone or to cause harm. We want our dogs to be as calm as possible during the groom. This could be for safety purposes as well. Each individual dog has their own needs and personalities, their environment could affect this, and their actions could be different than others. We try to accommodate those needs to create the best experience possible. We do prefer that people are not abord with us due to liability. Please respect our groomer’s request.

🐾Please be sure that your groomer has a place to park with enough space to safely enter and exit the parking area. Also, to enter and exit the van safely with your furfriend. The vehicle is a Cab over conversion van, the size of a church bus. You can see a photo of the van on our Facebook page. If you have a lite color driveway, we do prefer street parking. Due to liability with any fluid leaking from the vehicle. We cannot always predict when vehicles need repairs. If your lite color driveway is the only place to park, we will not be liable for cleaning the driveway if there is any type of stain left behind. We will not be parking a street or block away. We will not be walking your dog that far in case of the dog slipping the lead, or collar or any other type of accident. We will only be able to park in front of, to the side of, or the rear of the address given. As long as the parking gives us direct access to return your dog safely.

🐾Your dog’s name and photos will be use in advertising, videos, social media, website ect.

Humanity Over Vanity (summary: We do not want to be associated with a painful experience. You don’t brush it, we shave it. Not liable for hidden injuries.)

🐾Our Groomer will not force any dog to do any part of the groom that they become too stressed with. The Groomer will complete what they are able and will charge accordingly. We recommend that if your dog becomes stressed in a new situation or not exposed to new people on a regular basis, to give a calming treat or what is recommended on the packaging (you can purchase these from most pet stores in the treat isle) or ask your vet for recommendations. If by the third or fourth groom behaviors or extreme anxiety do not better or are not taken care of by the owner, we will be forced to drop your services.

!Doodle/ Poodle/ Bichon Fries /curly coat breeds/ long hair breeds!

🐾Our Groomer Will Not Under Any Circumstances be De-matting your dog. If you cannot brush your dog thoroughly on a regular basis (every day!) our Groomer will not be doing so either. Fur that has become matted may have irritation and sores hiding underneath. We are not liable for any sore, scab, scratches, or any injury that is hidden by matted/ tangled/ or long fur. (This is neglect by owner, not something that the groomer has caused or could have stopped from happening.) Matting can also cause hematomas when removing the matting. Hematomas are most common in dog’s matted ears. When the blood flow restricted by knots/ tangles/ or matting and is released back to those areas and can pool. Causing pain and discomfort. It can also happen to other body parts. Resulting in a vet visit due to neglect. Though we are not here to judge; we would however love to make your dog’s needs more manageable for you. Keeping a regular schedule will help. Such as, booking your next groom at each appointment. We believe in humanity over vanity. This means our groomer will be cutting or shaving out those matts. A fresh start is best. This will also create a better relationship for your dog and groomer. We do not like to be associated with pain or discomfort. If you would like pointers or tips on how to keep your dog more manageable, our Groomer will be happy to help!

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🐾Yes, dogs with fur do shed. The amount of fur a dog sheds depends on the breed of dog, the time of year, and whether they have a single or double layer of fur. A dog’s fur helps control their body temperature and protects their skin against the sun and other environmental elements. When a dog’s hair stops growing, they will naturally lose it by shedding.

🐾There is a difference between matted and the fur being impacted. This normally happens with dogs who have long fur that also shed (for example, Bernese Mountain Dog, Shepherds, or Huskies.) Our Groomer will be able to confirm matting vs. impacted fur when they are able to assess the fur in person. There is a chance where the dog can have both impacted and matted fur.

🐾!Ear plucking or Anal Gland Expression (external only), please do your research! These services can cause more harm than good with some dogs. If your dog has not had these services, our groomer would advise against it. If your dog is showing signs of discomfort or these areas have a visible issue, we will accommodate or recommend a vet visit: depending on our groomer’s assessment.

Scheduling, Reminders & Confirming (Summary: Cell Phone number required. Read the automated text you received. The ending of the text will always have the same message. Confirm your appointment.)

🐾Cell phone number required. Do not give a land line for main way of contact. Specify what number is a land line and a cell phone number. When creating an appointment, you are opting into our automated SMS communication platform. This will send you a text for appointments that have been created as soon as they are created, if you do not receive a text stating that the appointment was created lets us know rite away (in case of error). The automated sms will also text you reminders at 5 & 2 days before your appointment. Please reply “Yes” to one of the reminders to confirm your appointment. See Automated SMS tab for details (Under the bone Icon if you are viewing via mobile device.). Be sure your phone number is in service. You need to contact us via email [email protected] or 419.315.4989 if you are having an issue 48 hours advance of your grooming appointment.

🐾Please be sure to confirm your grooming appointments when you receive the automated reminder by text! Our groomer will not arrive to any unconfirmed grooming appointments. If you need to cancel any of your grooming appointments, please do so 48 hours in advance. A $50 fee will apply to any unconfirmed or canceled grooming appointment less than 48hrs *(Or if our groomer arrives to the grooming appointment and you are unavailable.) The fee will be due at any future grooming appointment. If by chance our groomer arrives and after the assessment you decide you do not agree with our groomer’s plans and refuse to let us service your dog there will be a $50 fee due at that time, for the assessment, and for our groomer and vehicle coming out. We accept exact cash (we do not hold change), most forms of card payment, and checks. Any returned checks will also have a $50 fee and total due before the next grooming appointment. Payment is due at the end of the groom. Our groomer will not be able to service any habitual offenders. By scheduling a grooming appointment, you are agreeing to and have read the Terms and Conditions. Vroom Grooms LLC reserves the rights to refuse services to anyone at any time. Excuses will not be tolerated.

*Fee is applied at Groomer’s discretion. Non-refundable services