Why Shaving a Double Coated Dog is Not Recommended

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Many dog owners may consider shaving their double coated dogs during the summer months to help keep them cool. However, this is not recommended by experts and can actually do more harm than good. Double coated dogs have a special type of fur that helps regulate their body temperature and protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The top layer of a double coated dog’s fur is called the guard hair, which helps repel water and dirt. The undercoat, located beneath the guard hair, provides insulation and keeps the dog warm in cold weather. Shaving a double coated dog removes both the guard hair and the undercoat, leaving the dog more susceptible to sunburn, heatstroke, and other skin problems. Additionally, shaving a double coated dog can disrupt the natural growth cycle of their fur. It may cause the fur to grow back unevenly or not at all, leading to patches of bare skin. This can be uncomfortable for the dog and may expose them to further skin issues. Instead of shaving, it is recommended to regularly brush and groom your double coated dog to help remove loose fur and keep them cool. This allows their fur to continue serving its natural purpose and provides better protection against the elements.