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The following are available grooming appointments for the month of March.

One dog slot for 3/19/2024 in the Oregon/Northwood area

One dog slot for 3/20/2024 in the Point Place/Toledo area

One dog slot for 3/21/2024 in the Maumee/Perrysburg area

Three dog slots for 3/22/2024 in the Waterville/Monclova area

One dog slot for 3/25/2024 in the Bowling Green/Grand Rapids area

Two dog slots for 3/26/2024 in the Maumee/Perrysburg area

One dog slot for 3/28/2024 in the Waterville/Monclova area

I cannot promise these openings will be available when you contact me. If you are a current client and need to get your dog in for a groom this month, please contact me as soon as possible. Be sure to book at your previous appointments to have a grooming appointment lined up. Keep in mind, if you are not booking at your previous grooming appointment there is a possibility that you will have a harder time finding an availability that will work for your schedule. I am also accepting new clients for these openings. As long as my schedule has openings within a two-week range, I will be accepting new clients.