How does Mobile Dog Grooming Work?

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At Vroom Grooms LLC we come to you. No hookups needed. All services provided inside our van.

We book our clients according to the area the groomer is in each day. Booking clients in the same area. This will help our groomer to service the greatest number of dogs within a day. When booking you may notice that you are offered different grooming appointments and time vs. your friend that lives across town or in a different zip code. We service a large area of NW Ohio and few parts of Michigan. You can see our service areas at our website on the main page or under the about tab. If you are viewing via mobile device, you can find these tabs under the bone icon. Located in the top corner of your screen.

Each dog is given two hours of grooming time for their first visit. This timing is given because of the many variables that could occur during the grooming appointment. For example, you may have a small, short hair dog. But your fur friend is not a fan of water and cusses the groomer to go slower than normal. The groomer will try to accommodate your fur friends specialized needs. If the grooming process is not completed the first time around, don’t give up! Our groomer may recommend that your fur friend take a long walk or extended play before the groom next time. In some cases, your fur friend may need medicated help to ensure their safety and our groomers safety. Please talk to your vet about these options. The groomer will be able to adjust the timing for any future grooms. You can see more about how the timing is priced on our website, look for the terms and conditions tab.

When viewing the pricing for your dog. Please be prepared to be charged either end for your dog’s breed and size price range. Possibly more depending on if our groomer had to go over the two hours given. There is a fee for each half hour over the two hours given. The fee is to ensure that our clients are keeping a regular schedule, the dogs that we service are being maintained properly, also to make sure our groomer is paid for their time for having them running behind schedule. You can see more about our overage fee and pricing on our website under the pricing tab and under the terms and conditions tab.