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Please be aware that if you are a new client that the availabilities are limited. Please book your next appointment when the groomer is on site. If you do not book in advance, it is not promised that you will get in last minute. Nicole will continue to accept new clients as long as there are openings within two weeks. There is also a waiting list if you need in sooner, it is not guaranteed that you will get in within the time you are looking.

4/11 8am One dog opening for Bowling Green/Haskins area

4/19 8am One dog opening for Holland/Maumee area

4/23 8am One dog opening for Monclova/Maumee area

4/24 3pm One dog opening for Perrysburg/Haskins area

4/26 2pm One dog opening for Grand Rapids/Tontogany/ Bowling Green area

4/29 8am Two dog opening Northwood/ Oregon area

4/29 2pm One dog opening Northwood/Oregon area

4/30 3pm One dog opening Waterville area (would need to be a dog that has already been groomed by Vroom Grooms LLC, that takes 1 hour for groom time)

Visit vroomgrooms.com for pricing, services, service area, hours of operation, terms and conditions (these are things you are agreeing to by creating a grooming appointment with Vroom Grooms LLC) and much more! Vroom Grooms LLC cannot promise that these openings will be available when you contact us.