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If you are calling, please be aware that more than likely your call will not be picked up. If you are a current client, leave a detailed voice mail about why you are calling. Voice mails with no detail regearing the purpose of the call will be ignored. A note will be place on your profile of the incident. Vroom Grooms LLC is not like all other companies. This is what works for our company.

Calls can be misinterpreted. Things can be easily forgotten. We may not have the information you are looking for in front of us. Groomers can become distracted and injure them self’s, dogs or others by accident because they do not have their full attention. Our groomers will not be answering any calls, text, emails and so frothing while driving or grooming.

A text or message can be read multiple times before responding. To ensure you are getting the best possible response and information. Though the response may not be right away. We will replay as soon as we are safely able.

If you are a new client calling, please leave your Full Name, Full Address, Best Cell Phone Number for contact, Dog breed, Dog weight, and Dog name. Expect a text vs a call. We will get back to you as soon as we get a chance.

Vroom Grooms LLC is a mobile dog grooming business, our groomers are busy people! These groomers will be busy with a lively dog on the table and are unable to take their attention away. Checking out a current client. Driving. Away due to hours of operation, Holiday, vacation, or personal reasoning.

If you are unable to respect these terms, be aware that our automated reminders and automated grooming appointment confirmation are also by an automated texting system that you will need to interact with. If this is an issue, our services will not suit your needs.