Cancelling a reoccurring appointment, Not on a regular schedule, Dog not available for the groom when the groomer arrives?

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Any dog who is not on a regular grooming schedule is suspected to have a fluctuating price. Be prepared to have payment for overages and for either end of your dog’s price range. There is a chance you could have multiple overages added to your grooming appointment.

If you have reoccurring grooming appointments set up or your dog and miss a grooming appointment, please be sure to reschedule instead of waiting until the next grooming appointment on your reoccurring schedule. There is a chance the price for the grooming(‘s) fluctuate.

Not having a regular schedule will not give our groomer an accurate judgment of how long your dog will take for a grooming appointment. There for we will have to book your dog’s grooming appointments according to the last groom. If the dog goes over the amount of time given you will be charged an overage fee.

Going over the groom time could set the groomers day back. Causing the groomer to be late to the next client. Potentially upsetting the next client or interfering with their personal appointments. Your groomer could lose a client that day due to these issues.

Not available for the groomer when scheduled? There will be a fee added to the grooming appointment. Same causes as the above statement.