Working with untrained dogs or those with health issues can be challenging for groomers. Here are some insights:

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  1. Safety Concerns: Untrained dogs may exhibit unpredictable behavior during grooming. Aggressive or anxious dogs pose risks to both the groomer and the dog. Groomers prioritize safety and may refuse to work with such dogs1.
  2. Desensitization and Patience: Groomers use desensitization techniques to gradually acclimate dogs to grooming procedures. Patience, positive reinforcement, and treats help build trust and cooperation.
  3. Health Considerations: Groomers must be aware of a dog’s health conditions. For example, a dog with joint issues may need gentle handling during brushing or nail trimming.
  4. Communication with Owners: Groomers educate owners about the importance of training and regular grooming. Some dogs may need professional training before they can handle grooming sessions well.

Remember, a well-trained and healthy dog makes the grooming process smoother for everyone involved! 🐶